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Aquatix welcomes you.

We’re a Nigeria Based and operated company with a head office in Lagos. As one of the fastest-growing enterprises in West Africa, Aquatix is providing superior-quality formulations at affordable costs to the Nigerian market since 2008. Today, Aquatix has a presence in all Nigerian states, with 59 registered products and a team of 50+ medical reps. At Aquatix, we are relentlessly pursuing our goal of becoming a leading player in the pharmaceutical landscape. In our pursuit of excellence, we are expanding further arms to our Operations with APIs and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for the best quality products.

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Aquatix possesses an extensive GMP-certified, verified & proven array of curatives.

To cater to the large, ever-growing spectrum of treatments,
Aquatix has a range of advanced new molecules in the pipeline.


With our steadily rising capacities and demand for APIs, Aquatix is on its way to becoming a key API supplier to almost all pharmaceutical manufacturing plants and supporting industries in Nigeria. Our aim is to be one of Nigeria’s largest API suppliers while providing the highest quality and services to our customers.


We understand the importance of local manufacturing, which is why we are proud to be coming up with our own local manufacturing plant in Nigeria. Our aim is to have an in-house solution for everything related to pharmaceutical products, ensuring consistent and quality product supply to meet the needs of the entire Nigerian population from infants to the oldest people.

Eager to Partner… for Progress!

Today, we’re known to offer the finest quality products with exceptional packaging. In the next 5 years, we want to see ourselves as an established local manufacturer with a major share among the top 10 competing brands and become a key API supplier to almost all supporting industries.

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